Gazillion Bubbles Hurricane Machine

 Gazillion Bubbles Hurricane Machine
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Gazillion Bubbles Hurricane Machine
  • The original Gazillion bubble machine makes 500 bubbles per minute!
  • Features the one and only Gazillion Solution!
  • Great machine for a birthday party!
  • Special Gazillion bubble formula is a one of a kind great bubble solution
  • Gazillion Bubbles- the world's Best Bubble Solution

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The Gazillion Bubbles Machine is among the top-selling bubbles makers in the marketplace today. After 5 years of heavy usage throughout the spring, summer season and fall, this bubble machine is still going strong at our home. Here i’ll provide a full review of the Gazillion Bubbles Hurricane Machine.

You are given an 8-ounce bottle of bubble fluids with the package, which the manufacturer claims can produce more than 500 bubbles a minute, you’ll rapidly go through this small bottle and you can’t add any homemade bubbles fluid to the machine. Do keep the bottle that comes with the bubble machine, though, because you’ll need to refill it and place it back into the cradle to keep feeding your bubble machine solution into the Gazillion Bubbles Machine.

We can keep the Gazillion Bubbles Machine on for several hours before the batteries start to wear down. I have actually discovered that for every 64-ounces of bubble option, our machine’s batteries will need to be changed as soon as.

Setting up the machine is rather easy. Unscrew the four screws off the battery compartment and insert the AA batteries. Pop the top on the 8-ounce bubble bottle, turn it upside down and turn on the power button. That’s it.

This machine constantly rotates 10 bubble wands while blowing out the bubbles. The air is constantly filled with bubbles until the solution begins to go out.

Noise from the machine is very little. Yes, you can hear it however it’s not a frustrating whiny sound. You can hear the motor turning the bubble wands but it’s nearly like the sound of a little fan.

The manufacturer does suggest you clean up the unit thoroughly after each usage to get the longest life out of your Gazillion Bubbles Machine. I have to confess, I cleaned it after the first use and didn’t ever clean it once again.

Our only issue that has actually appeared this year is that you will turn the power switch to the “on” position and nothing happens. It really takes a bang on the top of the machine for it to start working. Once it does kick on, it works beautifully.

Other consumers have reported problems and even damage after just a couple of uses. Possibly we got lucky with our Gazillion Bubbles Machine. Regardless, if this one ever does break, I won’t even be looking at another brand name. I will run straight to the toy story and purchase this exact same unit.

Another disadvantage for some consumers is that they state they have a difficult time purchasing the Gazillion bubbles fluid.

The bubbles option is expensive at about $10 however I would be stressed a less expensive bubbles service wouldn’t work as well and may even tear up our bubble blower. So the cost for the Gazillion bubbles service is worth it to us.

It’s spit out bubbles while my kids attempt to capture them. It’s even thrilled our next-door neighbors on windy days when the bubbles seem to fly out of control from yard to backyard.

Advantages & Disadvantages

  • Kids enjoy it!
  • It keeps cranking out bubbles up until it needs more bubble fluid.
  • The Gazillion Bubbles Machine actually does seem like it’s producing a gazillion bubbles.
  • It’s best for your next bubble celebration.
  • To make a gazillion bubbles, you require a gazillion-sized bubble solution nearby, which cost about $10.
  • Some customers report they have a difficult time finding where to purchase the Gazillion Bubbles solution.
  • Needs 6-AA batteries.
  • Wrapping Up

     Meant for kids, this Gazillion Bubble Hurricane Machine by Funrise is perfect for any unique events like picnics, weddings and birthdays. It produces hurricane of bubbles that are fascinating and enchanting in minutes. Available in basic and frustration-free product packaging that is easy to open, this bubble machine is likewise available as a gift wrap.We whole heartedly recommend this product for budget conscious individuals

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